Drawing – The Obsolete Gods

As I occasionally enjoy drawing stuff that I find cool or clever but not necessarily aesthetically sublime, and as I’m a fan of the original art style and setting of the video game Team Fortress 2*, I’ve lately been drawing some concept art for item modelers in the game’s community. While doing so, I have learned the proper method to color scanned line art, and I’ve gotten to practice brushstroke shading. I figured it could be fun to try those techniques with one of my full-page ink drawings, and here’s the result. I quite like it.

Click the pic to view it full size.


* In case you haven’t heard of it, it can be more or less summarized as industrial desert environments and spy fiction technology from the 60’s, rendered with humoristically stylized designs inspired by commercial art from the same age. Check it out, but ignore the christmassy, wizardy, rainbowy stuff near the top.

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