Drawing – Flames and Fury

There’s a musician called Emily Barker. Look her up. She’s big enough to have a fairly extensive Wikipedia entry, and her music is enjoyable enough that I had her songs on several Spotify playlists long before I met her. Well, now I have met her. She, her husband and my brother have formed a band called Vena Portae, and they briefly used my house as a recording studio for their upcoming debut album. It was a great time. All three of them are great in very distinctive ways. The album will be amazing.

I got the inspiration for this picture while listening to one of their songs.

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3 Responses to Drawing – Flames and Fury

  1. Joanna says:

    I used to follow you on deviant Art and saw your message only recently about you moving to this blog as I too had escaped Deviant for a while. Really nice to see your style again, I shall keep checking back here. Good luck!

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