Drawing – The Hedonist

This picture seems like an appropriate reason to name yet another of my aesthetical deities – Tove Jansson. Now, allow me a little rant.

The books about the Moomins are absolutely wonderful! The characters are multilayered and nuanced, the use of the language is sublime, and there is an amazing amount of width and depth. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any of her non-Moomin books, but I’ve heard that those are great as well. However, what I find more breathtaking than the stories are the illustrations. I won’t even try to describe them, just click these words to see for yourself.

Somehow, this wonderful world managed to get adapted into a cartoon show that got rid of all depth, exchanged the subtle shapes for standard cartoon design and replaced the pleasantly washed-out nuances with garish base colors. And for some reason beyond my comprehension, people fucking accepted it. Nowadays, most people seem to think the cartoon and the books are basically the same thing, or only know the cartoon version. It’s a goddamned tragedy!

So please, whenever you meet someone who thinks the cartoon is the real thing, please take the 20 seconds it takes to inform them. If you meet someone who genuinely thinks the cartoon is good, defenestrate him or her with swiftness and vigor.

Oh, yeah, there’s a picture here as well. I sort of forgot that. Click it to view it in full size.

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